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Industries We Wish Didn’t Exist

Think about this for a second.

Theoretically, if all of us humans somehow managed to coexist peacefully in a world without crime, we would probably have no need for criminal lawyers and solicitors.  Or police and corrections officers for that matter. What with all the wrongdoers no longer wrong doing, there would simply be no need for them to perform their current duties as they currently do.

These lawyers and police officers would be free from the dangerous shackles of dealing with the lowest of the low to explore the things that they really want to – creating beautiful art, tapping the boards on London’s West End, or forging careers as TV chefs – whatever it is that corrections officers and criminals dream of doing in their spare time.

If there was no more sickness, there would be no more doctors and nurses and physicians. The ill and the people that currently care for them could get back to what’s really important; spending time with the people that love them, retiring, growing old and living happy.

If there were no more wars, there would be no need for our armies or navy or air force. They could replace the camouflage for chef’s whites and replace those guns with tennis racquets.

The obvious aside – these people require these jobs in order to survive – the point that we’re trying to make with all this boloney is that, in a way, there’s some industries and jobs that we would love to simply not exist.

No one wishes for things like war, sickness or crime after all.

And the same can be said for debt collection.

What a world it would be if there was simply no more debt. Imagine if all the unpaid invoices in the world were simply recovered – click – just like that. Obviously there’s ways to safeguard yourself to ensure that actually happens, some of which we simply rely on Setting Clear Terms and knowing how to Ask For Money. But, how great would it be if you didn’t have to spend time chasing people to actually do it?

Imagine if a tradie could perform their work, hand over an invoice to their satisfied customer and simply rest safe in the knowledge that they were going to be paid the full amount, on time – truly a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

It may sound a little odd, call us sentimental if you want, but, deep down, we hope that debt collectors go the way of the milkman. Or the elevator operators for that matter, even the bowling alley pinsetters and powdermonkeys (yes, they were a thing).

Who knows?

Perhaps one day, if we have anything to say about it, this fanciful notion might just come true.

Then we’ll be the ones donning the chef’s whites.