How It Works

Late Payer List is a Business to Business service.

We help small businesses collect outstanding invoices and check on late paying customers in their community.

By checking our database prior to doing work for someone puts you on the right foot from the start. If a person is listed on our database you are in a better position to either ask for money up front or steer clear of them altogether.

As a member, you are able to register late payers on our database for any unpaid invoice that is over your terms of trade.

By registering your outstanding invoice with us motivates your late payer to pay you. Obviously, no one wants to be on the ‘naughty’ list.

We correspond with your late payer via email and text message only so please make sure you have valid and up to date details for them.


Sign up is quick and easy, simply click on the ‘Join Now’ button and follow the prompts. 


Registering a Late Payer takes 2 minutes. Once completed we do the rest. An email is sent to the Late Payer informing them that they have 7 days in which to either pay you or to come to an agreed payment plan. Two reminder emails are sent within this time also, one on day 4 and one on day 6. A text message is also sent to them.


On Day 7, you (the member) are sent an email asking whether the Late Payer has paid the invoice. If payment was made the member clicks on the YES button on the link provided in the email and a thank you email is automatically sent to the Late Payer.

If payment has not been made then the member now has the choice as to whether to formally list the Late Payer on the Nationwide Database for all members to see. The Listing event provides a strong motivational nudge for the Late Payer to pay. Once the member makes the decision to List, the Late Payer is automatically emailed informing them that their details have been placed on the database and also the Weekly Late Payer Report that is distributed to all members.

The member has complete control of all processes. The listing process is only actioned by the member, this does not happen automatically.


  • Your ABN.
  • Your Late Payer’s Trading Name, email address and mobile number if you have one. We correspond with your Late Payer via email and text message only, please make sure the details you have for them are valid and up to date.
  • Your Late Payer’s ABN (This can be obtained by searching the Australian Business Registry. here)
  • A copy of the outstanding invoice or a statement of account as a PDF or image file.