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Do Not Work For This Man

Think you’ve got late payers?

Think again.

A little story of one single late payer has come across our desk here at Late Payer List recently. It revealed a litany of instances, dozens and dozens in fact, in which a business owner hadn’t paid contractors for work that was perfectly completed on time and on budget.

So, as the oracle on all things late paying, it is our duty to expose them. Let’s go…

First, there’s the cabinet maker who was awarded a contract to work for our unnamed assailant to (obviously) build cabinets for a new real estate development.

$400,000 worth of cabinets, actually.

More than 30 years later, $83,600 of those $400,000 remains unpaid.

Oh yeah, and the cabinet maker’s inherited, long-standing family business went broke not long after the bill was left unpaid.

Then there’s an importer of grand pianos who was awarded business to supply the finest ivories to our late payer’s casino. $30,000 of that bill still remains unpaid.

In another instance, one painter was employed to deliver $30,000 worth of paint to another real estate development. A pretty simple job, no? Well, upon successful completion of that task the late payer simply refused to pay. But, it wasn’t all bad for the painter – they were offered more work in the future if they let it slide. ‘Great,’ they no doubt thought.

Let it slide the painter didn’t, taking the late payer to court time and time again, being awarded over $300,000 in damages as a result in the end. Not a loss, but by no means an easy win.

And again, there were 253 contractors who, on one single project, reported that they had never been paid in full or on time.

We could go on.

There are hundreds of small business owners – painters, plumbers, dishwashers, chandelier makers, you name it – just like these poor people that still haven’t been given the money they so rightly deserve by this late payer.

Surely all of these instances can’t simply be down to shoddy accounts payable practices, can they?

Of course not.

This is an example of the systematic and guiltless abuse of people’s good will.

This late payer has, of their actions, said on record that “… it’s probably 1,000 to 1 where I pay.”

What rubs salt into the wounds of these people is that this late payer actually received tax breaks as a result of not paying people what they were owed.

This late payer, easily the worst we’ve ever heard of, shows just how powerless small business owners can be when their late payers won’t clear their debts. What action can they take? What more can they do when the person holding the purse strings simple won’t loosen them, even when they know that they are in the wrong?

So, who is this Late Payer? This Lord of Lateness, the Baron of Unpaid Bills?

Does it surprise you to learn that that would indeed be the current President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump?

Probably not.

Maybe consider steering clear if you get a call.