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All the help you need to deal with, and avoid, Late Payers

Cash Flow

The Problem With Extended Payment Terms

Running a small business is bloody hard. That may be the understatement of the year, we know. But, as if there wasn’t enough to deal already, we’re now seeing a big problem facing a lot of businesses not only here at home in Australia, but also overseas.

The trend towards Corporates extending payment terms is proving to be a big problem, not only in Australia but around the world. Here’s why

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Debt Collection

Asking For Money Made Easier

There are a number of things that we, as humans, universally dislike: Visiting the in-laws (obviously), traffic, lukewarm coffee and the Collingwood Football Club all

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Bad Payers

Do Not Work For This Man

Think you’ve got late payers? Think again. A little story of one single late payer has come across our desk here at Late Payer List recently. It

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Business Risk

The Global Village.

Unlike all other mammals we have learnt to trust people we don’t  know particularly well. We get in planes that fly at 37,000 feet designed

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Credit Risk

The Ins and Outs Of Credit Control

There’s plenty of different types of software businesses need in order to function. Obviously there’s the accounting software to help spit out the balance sheets

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