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As a business-to-business service, you could consider us the TripAdvisor for small businesses.
Using our very own proprietary platform, the Late Payer List helps to get your outstanding invoices paid.

We take on the task of advising your late payer that they have 7 days in which to pay you before they run the risk of being listed on our database for all our other members to view. This tried and tested method is proven, with over 76% of our members receiving payment within the timeframe – it’s a streamlined, simple and transparent way to be paid without having to invest extensive time and money.

Working together with you and others, we are helping to protect and safeguard the small business community.


As small businesses account for 90% of all businesses in Australia, not to mention 70% of the workforce as well, it’s crucial there is support and resources at hand to help them all prosper. If a small business is doing
well, then that reflects on the economy and employment is maintained. However, even though the growth of small business has been rapid over recent years, the processes in place to support them haven’t kept up,
in particular, the handling of late payments. Our goal is to deliver a simple and efficient way to overcome this roadblock and improve the financial future of small business and their workers – it’s really that simple!

Our Core Values

When a business gets paid on time, it has a positive domino effect – the standard of living improves and the
whole economy prospers. Our aim is to simply motivate businesses to pay each other on time.

Paul Wilson
M & G Truck Curtain Repair Pty Ltd
Company Director

I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why invoices weren’t getting paid. Joining Late Payer List is the best thing I have done for my business. It has saved me time, money and a whole lot of headache. 


Sargeants Conveyancing Port Phillip
Company Director

A client of mine had owed me money for over 12 months. All of my attempts to contact him went unanswered. I joined Late Payer List and registered him. The very next day he made contact and payment was made.

Mark Twist
1 On 1 Brickwork

I had a $225.00 debt that was a month old. I registered my debtor on Late Payer List and within 24 hours the money had dropped into my bank account. This amount was not worth using a debt collector or going down the legal path and I would of normally written it off. However, now I’m a member of Late Payer List I can register any debt amount large or small.

canva-photo-editor (6)
Y40 Steel Fixing Pty Ltd
Y40 Steel Fixing Pty Ltd

Just wanted to share some good news with you all. We’ve had a shocking year with getting clients to pay. Twice we’ve engaged a “popular debt collector” with no success. This time round I decided to try something different. I heard about Late Payer List in a Facebook group. I joined last week and added my current late payer. Within a week the funds were in our bank account. So happy and highly recommend that if you have a late payer you consider this very cost effective solution.

Justin Julius
Julius Flooring Pty Ltd

Once again we just want to thank you so much!

It is with a business/service such as the one that you have created that will allow small businesses like myself to keep afloat and ensure everything my whole team has worked hard for is recognised when payment for our work is received.

Our company is pleased to be a member of “Late Payer List’ and after nearly writing off a debt due to the continuous excuses we are glad we found this service. This service is to date and will forever no doubt be the best investment in our company that we have made!

Thank you again from a very happy tradesman

F Scarcella
F & A Scarcella Roadfreight Transport

I wasn’t sure what the response would be from our late payer, so I am very impressed with the effect that receiving an email and text message from Late Payer List has made our late payer make payment, at long last!

Insight Flooring Pty Ltd
Insight Flooring Pty Ltd

Thank you Later Payer List Team! Within 3 minutes of your email going out to our late payer, I had received a text message stating the bill would be paid today. I am happy to say, the bill was received via EFT and has cleared our account.

Rohan Farrell
No Fuzz Electrical Pty Ltd

Frances and the team at Late Payer List worked miracles for my company in recovering a substantial debt. After 6 months of broken promises and no payment, Frances was able to get the builder pinned down and committed to a black and white payment plan within a week of getting involved.
Not only that, the builder actually paid me!
The service provided was above and beyond and at just a fraction of the cost of a conventional debt collector. If you are running a small business and struggling to recover invoices I would definitely recommend getting on board with Late Payer List. I will be including the logo on all future invoices after having such a successful experience first time around.
Thanks again Frances for helping me recover my money and my sanity!

Ebenezer Cleaning Services

We had an outstanding invoice that was 2 months old. I registered the debt with Late Payer List and was paid within the week. I would highly recommend Late Payer List to other businesses who are having problems with clients not paying on time.

Sparkymics Electrical Contracting Pty Ltd

I cannot recommend Late Payer List enough. We had a client with an 18-month-old outstanding account who would not respond to emails or calls. Because it was a small amount, it would not have been worth recovering through any other avenue, however, I came across Late Payer list and thought for the small fee charged, it was worth a shot.

Within an hour of submitting the account, I received a call from Frances advising that she had been contacted by the client and he had agreed to pay the outstanding amount. By the next day, I received a receipt of payment from the client. 18 months of chasing payment and Late Payer List got it paid within a day. That’s impressive. Not only did we achieve a great outcome, but the personal service given by Frances was exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending Late Payer List to anyone who is having trouble getting paid.
Thanks so much!

Natasha Holahan
Hush Cleaning

Fran contacted me straight away and guided us through the process and wrote a letter to the outstanding debtor.
OMG – I could not believe it after many weeks of exhausting follow-ups with the debtor and with no success we received a phone call within minutes.
Fran at Late Payer List – you are amazing and cannot thank you enough!
I will be recommending you to anyone that is placed in the same position.
What a wonderful person and service everyone – keep Frans name and business Late Payer List in your contacts – so impressed!

Cian Sarkis
Sarkis Electrical Pty Ltd

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Fran at Late Payer List We had a small debt owed to us that was over 2 years old. The debtor just ignored us and the amount was not worth taking to a traditional debt collector. We spent a total of $15 and our debt was paid in two weeks! Fran was so supportive the whole time, giving up much of her time to guide us through the process and answer all our questions. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Craig Quirke
Quirke Excavations

Before Christmas we had a client who had outstanding invoices and was very reluctant to pay, I honestly was just going to write it off until I got advice and help from Frances from Late Payer List. Frances went above and beyond and I highly recommend her. I got paid and formed a very valuable business relationship. Don’t be intimidated by the big fellas because it seems to happen a lot, just remember the bigger they are the harder they fall.

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