What Is Late Payer List?

As a business-to-business service, you could consider us the TripAdvisor for small businesses.
Using our very own proprietary platform, the Late Payer List helps to get your outstanding invoices paid.

We take on the task of advising your late payer that they have 7 days in which to pay you before they run the risk of being listed on our database for all our other members to view. This tried and tested method is proven, with over 76% of our members receiving payment within the timeframe – it’s a streamlined, simple and transparent way to be paid without having to invest extensive time and money.

Working together with you and others, we are helping to protect and safeguard the small business community.

Our Beliefs

As small businesses account for 90% of all businesses in Australia, not to mention 70% of the workforce as well, it’s crucial there is support and resources at hand to help them all prosper. If a small business is doing well, then that reflects on the economy and employment is maintained. However, even though the growth of small business has been rapid over recent years, the processes in place to support them haven’t kept up, in particular, the handling of late payments. Our goal is to deliver a simple and efficient way to overcome this roadblock and improve the financial future of small business and their workers – it’s really that simple!

Our Core Values

Ongoing Innovation

Commitment To Business

Maintaining Integrity